The Hydro Pneumatic rivet setting machine is a heavy duty design for quiet self pierce operations.


The solid fabricated body is constructed to house an extremely quiet hydro pneumatic power pack producing a force of up to 7 tons and capable of self pierce applications up to 6mm thick sheet steel. With a total stroke length of 75mm, 63mm of that being fast moving pneumatic and the remaining 12mm being hydraulic power.


A remote foot pedal allows for complete operator comfort, whilst a pneumatic free fall probe guard ensures operator safety and maintains accessibility. Manufactured to the latest health and safety legislation and fully CE compliant. Arm tooling and fixture can be tailored to suit individual requirements and operator convenience.



Manufactured with quality components including a TOX hydro pneumatic power pack to perform in all environments. Inbuilt reduced maintenance requirements. Large capacity autofeed hoppers, designed for continous production.

A B C D E approx weight length of stroke
350mm 1100mm 2800mm 800mm 800mm 820kg 75mm


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